About Utility Tools UK

We supply a large variety of Professional tooling for the Utility, Gas and Water industries.

Products include, but are not limited to, Drilling Equipment for both Gas and Water applications such as Drill Taps, Cup Drills, Hole Saws (Bi- Metal HSS and and Carbide tipped), PE Pipe Cutters, PE Squeeze Off's, Cutters, PE Punch Tee Taping tools, PE Re-rounding Tools. PE Shims, Bevelling Tools, Calipers internal and External, Gas Test equipment, Manoflex gauges etc.

If the product you require is not shown on our online shop, please drop an email enquiry to our sales department as we may be able to help.

Keep an eye on our online shop as it is constantly being updated with new and exciting products. 

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PE Pipe Cutter 42mm

PE Pipe Cutter 42mm

from £6.35

Squeeze Off Tool 20mm-63mm
Bolt Cutters

Bolt Cutters

from £19.00

Uni-Saddle Valve

Uni-Saddle Valve

from £37.13